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10 March 2010 - Egyptian Archers Shine in Recurve at the African Championships

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Egyptian Archers Shine in Recurve at the African Championships Ain Sokhna - 10 March 2010 The Egyptian Archery Federation pulled out all the stops to showcase archery by providing one of the most exciting and well run medal matches on the African continent. The competition was nerve-wrecking for the spectators, with the outcome of many matches known only with the last arrow.   In the Compound Men category where South Africa shot against Namibia, Namibia was leading 27-25 after the first three arrows. Both equalled 54 and 81 up to nine arrows, with South Africa taking gold on a X-10-10 (111-109). World silver medallist Jorina COETZEE (photo) took gold in the women individual event. The individual winner on the men's side was Ben Can WYK from Namibia.   In the individual Recurve Men category, Ali AREBI of Libya took gold with 95 points over favourite Loai NABIL of Egypt, while in individual Recurve Women Egypt’s Nada MAMDOUG took the gold. In recurve, both the men’s and women team events were won by Egypt (see photo of the women's team below), with stiff competition in the men’s event from Libya who took silver.   A large press and TV contingent covered the event, including CNN Sport who will be broadcasting the event nationally, and who interviewed all the gold medallists on their achievements.   According to Dr Aladin GABR, President of the hosting federation, the standard of archery on the continent was of a high standard, with the gap between the lowest score and highest score narrowing to the teens, a sure indication of world standard. This was also evident in the team event, where single digits separated the gold and silver medallists.   A number of new continental records were set during the tournament which ends today with an informal mixed team event.   Please visit the website of the South African National Archery Association to see the results.   Selwyn MOSKOVITZ Edited by FITA Communication