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Quotes of the individual eliminations

Archers used the new Set System to shoot the individual eliminations today in recurve and the new Compound Round for compound athletes in Ogden, USA.

  Recurve Men   Crispin DUENAS (CAN) It felt amazing! Not because I was the only non-Korean in the semifinals across the whole recurve field, but because I shot a lot better than in previous World Cup today. I had a good 2009 season, but I haven’t done so well in 2010 during the World Cup stages. I kept practicing hard on my shots and on my mental process and today it paid off!   OH beat me last year at the world championships and I hope I could get revenge today, but that didn’t happen at the end. Still I am very happy that I hold my ground and I pushed him to the limit of the five sets. I was a bit tired at this time of this long morning session and the heat. I believe I could get back when I shot a 10 with my first arrow in the fifth set, but then I continued with a 7 and it was all over.   I like the venue very much here. I like the scenery, the view on the Rockies Mountain and also the Astroturf which allowed me to have a strong balance on the ground.   OH Jin-Hyek (KOR) I worked a lot on my mental game this winter. Last year I was shooting very well, but I realized that at some point of the game I was not always fully focused. Basically, I lost the very big matches last year. So I am very happy that today it all went well and that I could reach the gold final.   It is always very difficult to get into the Korean national team. The results from the past years don’t make the difference. At the beginning of the season, we go through long trials and there are a lot of great archers. I respect them all. I have actually done these trials for 14 years! I managed to get in the team in 1999-2000 and since 2007 until now. I am very happy that I could stay in the team again this year.   SEO Geo Wom (KOR) – Team Captain At first the matches were very difficult. We have prepared a lot in Korea and we are happy to have qualified seven archers for Saturday’s finals. All matches were tough for us today, especially the match between OH Jin-Hyek and the Canadian archer (Crispin DUENAS).   Recurve Women   Justyna MOSPINEK (POL) I am very happy with my performance. Before entering the competition my goal was to be in the top 16 in order to earn points. Today I was very strong and shot very well. I’m really happy about it. I didn’t make any mistake today; I lost for just a millimetre. I’ve been shooting for 14 years. Before I would always cry when I lost, but I stopped, for I usually don’t lose because of my mistakes, but because my opponent is simply better.   Compound Men   Reo WILDE (USA) I love the fact of shooting a world cup so close to home (it’s less than a 2-hour drive). I had hoped for a better finish here in Ogden. It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of the hit or miss system yet and the heat as well as a little wind didn’t make it any easier for me.  Anyway, my compliments to the Organising Committee who does a great job with this tournament.   Pierre Julien DELOCHE (FRA) I prepared myself very well for this event, specialy on my shooting technique. I did not prepare so much specifically on Hit/Miss target. Actually, I had only one at home, so I took the 60 cm face to train at 50 metres. I like the Hit/Miss. It’s fun, it’s a battle! Mentally, you should always want a hit ! If you have a bad arrow, you should evacuate the bad feeling immediatly and focus on the next one.   I discovered a bit this competition format today and I tagged along. I had a lot of fun! I feel actually really well since the qualifications here! The environment, the view on the mountain, the quality of the organisation and also the clear directives we get from the Public Announcer while we are shooting, all of this makes us comfortable with our shooting. The rhythm of the competition was very good, during and in between the matches. Moreover, here in the USA, this is the birthplace of compound bow!   Compound Women   Diane WATSON (USA) I’m having a great time and although I’m happy about my shooting, I found it hard to adapt going from the qualifying targets to the elimination targets. It would be much easier for me to shoot on the same target. Maybe it takes a while to get used to, but I don’t find it easy. I have a feeling right now that the luck of the draw will decide the winners in the matches and we might see a whole new bread of specialist coming like when the Olympic round was first introduced. This is only the second time it has been shot in international competition so let’s wait and see how it and I progress.   Sandrine VANDIONANT (FRA) I didn’t shoot very well, but I fought hard when I needed too. Maybe I shot better in Antalya at the last stage, but I lost my match due to the rule that took qualifications as tie-breaker. I am still not so good in qualifications. In Ogden, this rules changed. The tie-breaks are played only on the field with sudden-death arrows and that suits me well. So today is a bit of a revenge from Antalya. This will be my first gold final this season and that’s great! This is a reward for all the work done. This year I am 100% focused on compound!     Vanahé ANTILLE / Didier MIEVILLE / Dean ALBERGA World Archery Communication