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Quotes of finals

Archers shot in the individual, team and mixed team finals today at the World Cup stage 3 in Ogden. We met them at the end of their matches!

  Recurve Men   KIM Woojin (KOR) – Individual Gold Medal I have prestigious teammates (redaction note: all current team world champion), and I would like to thank them because they actually helped me to win. The whole team is working together.   We don’t practice with such an exciting audience in Korea, but I liked the crowd here. All the cheering made me feel more confident. Now I am looking forward to Shanghai and I will prepare for other great matches.   Crispin DUENAS (CAN) – Individual 4e place I feel good. I had a lot of fun. I just shoot the way I am supposed to shoot. I took on two Koreans in the tournament and I came close to beat them. I made some very nice 10s out there, but I need to shoot less 8s at the crucial moments of the match to take it to the next level.   Larry GODFREY (GBR) – Mixed Team Silver Medal It was really exciting. We shot strong and it was closed match against the Korean despite the kind of typhoon going on the stadium (laughing). (redaction note: the wind was really strong at the time of this match).   Jake KAMINSKI (USA) – Team Gold Medal “Brady communicated well with each of us on how he was adjusting for the wind gusts,” Kaminski said. “I would look at my surrounding and adjust accordingly. I fell back on my training and shot sequence. I was just feeling the shot. It helped in being confident in my equipment as I’ve been working with my equipment to make it solid.”   Recurve Women   KIM Moon Jung (KOR) – Individual and Mixed Team Gold Medal This is my first time in the national team since 2002. I didn’t expect to win here, but I am of course I am very happy that I made it. There are stars like YUN Ok-Hee and JOO Hyun-Jung in the team, but there is no rivalry. This is one team. My only competitor is myself.   Dola BANERJEE (IND) – Team Silver Medal We shot good all week. In practice we scored 220 points and this is what we have done pretty much during the eliminations matches. During the finals, the wind made it difficult for both team, but it was a good fight. We started the game relaxed, because we thought we already won silver. Then the score was tied at 54-54 and 106-106. Then we thought we can beat this Korean team! In the third end, we shot a 5, but they shot a 6. They built a 3-point lead, but we still thought we could get them, because they were not shooting great. In the last end, we had a good group, but it stayed too high (9s and 8s) although we adjusted our sights. Probably there was too much back wind. Still we enjoyed the match. This is the first time we win a silver medal in the World Cup, last year we won bronze.   Personally I am shooting better this season. I was 4th in Antalya. I had some troubles to digest my World Cup title in 2007. There was so much going after this title back home. I had a difficult 2008 season. Then it was a bit better in 2009, and a bit better in 2010.   We still have a long season ahead of us with the World Cup in Shanghai, the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi and the Asian Games. However, we need to qualify through our last trials on 20-30 August. There are still four women competing for three places in the Commonwealth team. The country is looking forward to it since we haven’t organised a major event since the Asian Games in 1982 I believe. I think the schools will be closed for two weeks so that the kids and everyone can go watch the Games. Also this is the return of archery in the Commonwealth Games. People count on archery to win gold medals, along with shooting, boxing, wrestling and badminton. There are eight gold medals to win in archery. I hope we can win four!   Compound Men    Braden GELLENTHIEN (USA) - Individual and Team Gold Medal I changed my bow manufacturer this winter. It worked very well indoor, but I needed sometimes to adapt outdoor. I was 2nd in Antalya, and now I am very happy that I took the first place here in Ogden, on American soil! It seems that the Hit/Miss system is working well for me, but the fact is that 50m always has been a strong distance for me. I tied Peter ELZINGA world record on a few occasions. The Hit/Miss system still makes me a bit nervous. I guess it needs some times, but tonight it seems that the fans enjoyed it!   GELLENTHIEN added:  “The wind was a major factor in the individual gold match. It was not the greatest condition. I was really happy to shoot in the team event earlier tonight for a little extra experience. My preparation for this event is what separates me from the rest of the field. I was able to duplicate my shots, just like in practice. The last shot was dead nuts. It is incredible to do this in front of the home crowd. I feel like I’m going to cry. There is nothing like this in the world and the home crowd cheering me on.”   Reo WILDE (USA) – Team Gold Medal “It was a good night and the weather was nice, but the wind got a little tricky,” Wilde said. “You have to make sure your team has a chance and to not let them down. I thought Jesse was a little nervous but pulled through well. I have friends here that have never seen an archery competition and it was great for them to see it in person and root us on from the stands.”   Pierre Julien DELOCHE (FRA) – Individual 4th place Unfortunately I had some problems with my releaser because of the lights. It was not easy to shoot in my first World Cup bronze medal final against an American archer in the USA and what’s more, on a night session. There wasn’t much contrast and I had difficulty finding where I was. I tried my best. I really enjoy this event through the end!   Compound Women    Sandrine VANDIONANT (FRA) – Individual Gold Medal The last time I competed in the United States was at the 2003 World Championships in New York City, where I placed 4th. So tonight is a nice revenge! I’m making a come-back on the international circuit this season, this time in the compound category. I still have a lot of work to do, but I have already climbed the World Cup podium twice so I’m very happy!   Erika ANSCHUTZ (USA) – Team Gold Medal “I kept telling Jamie and Diane that Canada was giving it to us and we just needed take it,” said Anschutz. “We had to believe we were worthy of it. We have gotten better all year as a team. When I let go of the last arrow it went a little to the right. I was just telling myself to make it a good shot.”     US team member quotes by Anthony BARTKOWSKI   Didier MIEVILLE World Archery Communication