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Today the all the categories shot the final matches on the seaside of Porec. Here are reactions from the athletes!
Recurve Men   Brady ELLISON (USA) – Gold in individual and team, silver in mixed team Now, I do feel even stronger than last year when I also won the World Cup in Porec. I must say I had a good indoor season, and then I did struggle a little bit to start the outdoor season. The last two weeks have been better, and the last two days have been terrific.   Well... since you asked, I do think sometimes about winning the Triple Crown: the World Cup Final, the World Championships and the Olympic Games. I’d like to think that I can win them all. If I can pull it off is another question.   It will be important to get a good knowledge of the stadium, the atmosphere, even the colour scheme during the Test Event in London. We will take a lot of pictures and try to construct a similar environment at the national training centre or even in my backyard.   Rahul BANERJEE (IND) – Silver in team I was aiming slightly off the nine on the left, thinking there was still wind—and I got two 8s. That put us down. It is clear that scoring a 51 in the last end gave away the victory to the US. We have won a few world cups, but we do let go victories too many times at the major international tournaments and specially the world championships. In 2007, that cost us the qualifications for the Olympic Games—so this year, our main objective is the world championships in Turin. We want to qualify for the Games there.   We feel good in the 6-arrow sequence during the elimination matches. However, during the finals, it is more like a 1-arrow sequence. Everybody rotates after his shot. We need to work on that. We also need I believe the help of a sports psychologist to prepare for these major tournaments. We haven’t had the chance to get one for our team yet. I hope we'll get soon, maybe from another sport.   Recurve Women   HAN Gyeonghee (KOR) – Gold in individual and team Today in the final, the conditions were very good. There was just a little bit of wind, but I could shoot very well. I felt a bit of pressure at the beginning, but then I told myself I should shoot like in practice. I got into a natural rhythm and it was all good.   It is my first international competition and I am the youngest in the team. However, KI Bo Bae, who participated in the World Cup last season, is providing the team with good leadership. Actually, my two teammates are taking good care of me—a bit like older sisters. It has been a fresh feeling to discover the World Cup stage this week.   Compound Men   Rodger WILLET Jr. (USA) – Gold in individual and team I had a bad trial two weeks ago for the World Championships and I will not go there. So I was very eager to do well here. Personally I don’t think there is much difference between 70 metres and 50 metres. Since the target face is reduced, it is about the same. The scores are about the same. I had a couple of great days here in Porec, but I know the matches during the season will all be tight. There are a lot of opponents within a few points. Now the World Cup is my only objective and I hope to qualify again for the World Cup Final. I had bronze there last year; maybe I can do even better this year.   Reo WILDE (USA) – Gold in team and mixed team Some people are complaining about the 50-metre distance. What I think is that they are simply complaining about changes. We would have changed from 50 metres to 70 metres (the opposite of what FITA has done); they would probably have the same reaction. For me, the 50-metre distance is fine. The scores, the competition, the show, all this is similar than at 70 metres. Maybe for organisers it makes it a bit more difficult to have different distances for the target, but it was handled quite well here. I also like very much the fact that we shoot 15 arrows (three more than before) with cumulative score. For me, the guys who shoot closer to the middle should win and that system allows that. I must also say that I am no so convinced about the Set System for recurve; it makes it too complicated to understand, especially for new people to archery. Maybe when archery will be better known it will be easier.   Jorge JIMENEZ (ESA) – Silver in individual Second place in Porec to start the season is OK. Rogder (WILLET Jr.) was simply too good. I believe actually that the 50 metres is more difficult than the 70 metres (the target face being smaller), but it is interesting. It is the matter now to only practice at 50 metres, instead of 70. The El Salvador team is actually 2nd in the world ranking, but we could only come with two archers instead of three here. With my 2nd place and the 4th place of HERNANDEZ in Porec, I hope we have a little more support to bring the full team to the next events. Let’s try to keep this 2nd place and maybe even move to the top of the world.   Martin DAMSBO (DEN) – Bronze in individual and silver in team I am very happy with my performance. In all my matches I had only one bad end, in the semifinal. Considering I have been a bit sick in the last two weeks at home, this tournament went much better than expected. About the team event, well... I guess we will need to take revenge against the USA another time. They have now beaten us twice in the final in Porec.   Compound Women   Erika ANSCHUTZ (USA) – Gold in individual and bronze in team With a win in Antalya last year and this year in Porec, it seems like I am enjoying the seaside. It's quite nice out there and I've felt good during the whole the week. We will have another US trial next week for the world championships. I am in the hunt for a place, but we will see if I get it at these trials. If I make it to the world championships, of course I want to win a medal. I want a medal in all the competitions I participate in.   Pascal LEBECQUE and Patricia TCHEPIKOFF (FRA) – Gold in team We have a new, very good team this year, a good dynamics among us. We have three completely different characters, but we complement each other well. When we arrived here in Porec, we all wanted to win, especially in the team. We are delighted that we did it and we are very high in confidence for the future. Moreover, Joanna (CHESSE) won the bronze in the mixed team.   Our training system is well set this year. We do train in our respective clubs, but we travel to see the compound national coach, who lives in one of the Centre of Excellence in France, at least once a month.   World Archery Communication