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13 March 2012 - Four-Time Olympian Khatuna LORIG Coaches “Hunger Games” Star Jennifer LAWRENCE in Archery

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Four-Time Olympian Khatuna LORIG Coaches “Hunger Games” Star Jennifer LAWRENCE in Archery Los Angeles (USA) – 13 March 2012   The four-time Olympian and team bronze medallist Khatuna LORIG (USA), who is also a coach, taught the “Hunger Games” star Jennifer LAWRENCE how to shoot archery.   The Georgia-born, four time Olympian and team bronze medallist Khatuna LORIG (USA) is a season archery competitor: she’s a 2012 hopeful shooting for her fifth Olympic Team berth. In her first Olympic Games for the U.S., she achieved the country’s highest individual finish in Beijing—fifth place. LORIG served as the closing ceremonies flagbearer in 2008, and remains focused on London.

What many don’t know is that LORIG is also a certified Level II archery instructor, and loves to work with beginning archers and new instructors. She did a two-day seminar to rave reviews at a JOAD club in Connecticut last fall, and began teaching instructor courses as part of a USO program, which has taken her to Alaska, Korea and Japan in recent months.

Nothing, however, could have prepared her for her favorite recent coaching assignment: teaching “The Hunger Games” star Jennifer LAWRENCE how to shoot. LAWRENCE had to prepare for the role of Katniss EVERDEEN, the lead character in “The Hunger Games,” based on the 2008 novel by Suzanne COLLINS. Katniss EVERDEEN is an ace markswoman capable of hitting small targets from great distances (like rabbits, to feed her hunger with). The Oscar-nominated LAWRENCE had never picked up a bow before in her life. “It was my pleasure to coach her,” LORIG said. "She’s a hardworking girl and has an awesome personality."

Publications such as Entertainment Weekly and have alluded to the coaching sessions, noting that LAWRENCE was coached by a four-time Olympian from the Los Angeles area. However, LAWRENCE herself credits LORIG in a recent interview with Glamour magazine: “she shot about 100 arrows a day on an Olympic style bow,” reported the publication. “Her technique was great!”

LORIG explained "I told her I would be very proud when I see her onscreen. I told her, I’ll see her on the screen and say, ‘That’s my student!’ And you know what she said? She said, ‘When I see you in the Olympics, I’ll say, ‘She’s my coach!’’

The film’s new trailer, released today, features LAWRENCE and her skills as an archer. “The Hunger Games” is due for release in U.S. theaters March 23.

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