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Quotes of the Recurve Eliminations

The archers shot their elimination matches today at the World Cup Stage 2 in Antalya. Here are their reactions live from the field.

  Recurve Men   Rene Philippe KOUASSI (CIV) It’s my first World Cup event. I’m happy to be here, it’s a good experience. I just hope to find a coach and better archery equipment that I wouldn’t have to pay for myself… I would like to thank the president of Kaya who donated a bow. I hope that Easton will sponsor me with good arrows so that I can go on improving.   Following the African Championships and Continental Qualifying Tournament, I started training six hours a day. My qualification to the London Olympic Games is a major feat for Ivory Coast and for myself. Because of that I decided to make professional and personal sacrifices. It’s not easy because I have a family, but from a sports point of view it has borne fruit; I moved from the 113th rank in qualifications at the Turin World Championships to the 76th rank here at the Antalya World Cup and I improved my personal best from 628 to 646 points in less than a year.   Juan Rene SERRANO (MEX) I feel better than yesterday. I won my first round 6-0 but then lost a good match 7-3 against my friend Larry GODFREY (GBR). The weather conditions on the field are the best we’ve ever had here in Turkey. After this I’m going to compete in Ogden and at the London Olympic Games.   Simon TERRY (GBR) I enjoyed shooting the first round against the young Russian Bolot TSYBZHITOV. Joe FANCHIN (USA) then knocked me out in the second round. This competition gives good feedback on how to improve and on some little things that I can change. Overall I’m happy with how I shot.   Brady ELLISON (USA) Markiyan IVASHKO shot very well while I was able to score only two 10s, many less than my usual performance. Now I need to work for the next World Cup stage in Ogden. We will have the final phase of the US Olympic Trials in June so the official team for the Games will be in Ogden and we want to achieve a good result in front of our compatriots.   Juan Ignacio RODRIGUEZ (MEX) It’s my best result in a World Cup event. Honestly I was aiming to be in the quarterfinals in order to confirm my 8th position of the qualification round. Unfortunately I met several experienced archers on my way and had to submit to Viktor RUBAN (UKR). It was not easy for him either. The match was tight until the very last set and went to a shoot-off.   Markiyan IVASHKO (UKR) Now that I’ve qualified for the gold medal final on Saturday, I want to win. I was seeded 31st and now I can fight for the 1st position: it shows that it’s not enough to shoot 690 points in qualification to win a World Cup stage, but you need to stay focused on your game, match after match.   Jeff HENCKELS (LUX) I was feeling very good all day long. At the beginning I was a little nervous because the first match is usually the hardest for me. Nonetheless I won that match easily, scoring 6-0 versus Oleksandr SERDYUK (UKR). After that I managed to stay focused. I consider it a very good result to finish in the top 8 after placing 46th in qualifications.   Recurve Women   Miranda LEEK (USA) So far so good! I’ve won both my matches this morning. I’m looking forward to the afternoon. My goal is to medal: I placed 4th in China, I hope to stay around and medal this time! I’ve already won World Cup medals in team and mixed team but never individually.   I’m used to shooting on this field. It’s my third time in Antalya. I first came here in 2008 for the World Youth Championships. It was my first trip overseas and my first international tournament!   Alison WILLIAMSON (GBR) I shot a lot better than yesterday thanks to the support of the staff and of all my teammates. Now it’s time to go home and work hard in order to be ready for the European Championships in Amsterdam.   Natalia VALEEVA (ITA) I made a technical change after Shanghai and I knew that I couldn’t be totally ready for this competition. I wanted to make these changes as preparation to the Olympic Games and I’m working hard towards it. In Amsterdam I will have more feedback on how this change is working for me.   Valentine DE GIULI (SUI) It is the best result that I have ever achieved in an international competition. I didn’t think too much about what was happening around me and I stayed focused on my shooting. The work done to now is bearing fruit. I’m now looking forward to the Continental Qualifying Tournament in Amsterdam. I have still a lot of work to do before then.   Karina WINTER (GER) At the end of the match I realised that I’m the only non-Asian ranked in the top 8 today. My match against KI Bo Bae was great. I enjoyed the pressure of the match. This result is good with Amsterdam in sight where I’ll try to get a quota for the Games. Later in Ogden we will try to get three places for a full team. Ogden will also be important for World Cup points: most of the top archers from Asia won’t be there so it will be a good opportunity to move up in the final ranking.   Compound Men   Dietmar TRILLUS (CAN) I don’t think I’m ready because it’s the first target archery competition that I have shot this year. Even the bow is not properly set up but it’s not only the fault of the equipment. I like Antalya because it’s usually the first competition of the year where I can shoot in a T-shirt! (laughs)   Rodger WILLETT JR. (USA) This is a great field for target archery and the weather today was perfect too. Unfortunately I didn't shoot very well in my 1/24 elimination round and I lost. It was an amazing match.   Julio Ricardo FIERRO (MEX) It was difficult to face the World Cup winner in the first match of the day. Yesterday I had to shoot a shoot-off to be here, and today I was a little bit nervous. I trailed for the first three ends, but with six 10s in a row I overtook him and I will shoot in the 1/16 elimination round later today.   Compound Women   Linda OCHOA (MEX) I lost in the 1/24 elimination round. My bow hasn’t arrived. I shot with a bow lent by Venezuela. I felt good shooting with it in qualifications but not today. One of my teammates is also missing her bow. I think our bows are in Istanbul now. Hopefully we’ll receive them before the team elimination rounds.   Ivana BUDEN (CRO) After I lost the 1/16 elimination round to Camilla SOEMOD (DEN), I was the spotter for her and Ashley WALLACE (CAN) during their 1/8 elimination match. I’m the only compound woman from Croatia, Camilla is the only compound woman from Denmark and Ashley is the only compound woman from Canada. We were assigned to the same target yesterday and we are shooting on our own, so the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed between us!   World Archery Communication