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Successful Open Russian Run Archery Championships

The Open Russian Run Archery Championships (ORRAC) were held on 2 September 2012 in Yelabuga, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. This event was very successful with the teams from Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Netherlands, Ukraine and Russia participating.

Running and archery are the oldest human occupations in the world: from getting food and military goals in the past to a dynamic sport today!   In Yelabuga, athletes competed in a sprint format (qualification, quarterfinals, semifinals and final), shooting four arrows at four targets, which greatly increased the hit ratio of shooting, but at the same time kept the intrigue up to the finish. For most participants the competition specifications were new, amazing, interesting and attractive. Among the formats were hit or miss targets, shooting from knee position, one target had to be hit by four arrows, etc., all of these being very impressive and spectacular.   The competition was entirely tied to the standard field athletic stadium and a 400-metre running track, which drew attention and attracted a huge audience both amateurs and professional runners to this sport discipline. The championships had a very great success, held at a high organisational level, which will be a significant point for further development of run archery.   During the event a regional tournament, called "Open Championship of Republic Tatarstan", was also organised on 1 September 2012 (results), and a summer ski archery (rollerski archery) competition on 3 September 2012 (results). The rollerski archery race was very interesting and aroused great interest from the spectators.   All additional information available at and final results here.   Videos:   Ø About Yelabuga Ø 1 September – men/juniors & cadets male Ø 1 September – women/juniors & cadets female Ø 1 September – interviews right after women’s race Ø 1 September – morning, preparation to the start Ø 1 September – award ceremony Ø Machida YUKI from Japan Ø Opinions of foreign athletes Ø Local authorities interview Ø 2 September – national championship men Ø Jaanus GROSS from Estonia Ø 2 September – national championship women Ø 2 September – award ceremony Ø 3 September – rollerski-archery men/juniors & cadets male Ø 3 September – rollerski-archery women/juniors & cadets female Ø 3 September – award ceremony   Pictures:   Ø 1 September Ø 2 September Ø 3 September Ø Facebook   Maxim MENSHIKOV ORRAC 2012Secretary General Email: <a title="" href="" target="_blank"> Mobile: +7 926 134 54 57 Skype: menshikov.maxim   Edited by World Archery Communication