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India fall to China in Antalya recurve mixed team final

Tricky wind conditions and a fatal fourth set dip relegated India to silver in the Antalya mixed team event.

Jayanta TALUKDAR had some difficulty moving to the finals arena. “I couldn’t adjust to the wind,” he said. “It changed direction in the last two ends and my arrows started falling low.”

“We always learn something from tournaments, our mistakes – and I’m sure it will help me in the future.”

With the current Indian selection process, the team changes on a competition-by-competition basis. (They hold a selection shoot for each event.) This means the athletes shooting in India’s mixed team and team change regularly.

“I don't really approach the mixed team any differently,” said TALUKDAR, despite this. “It's kind of entertaining. It's another medal. And to play with a lady archer is always good!”

TALUKDAR, if you haven’t seen any of his interviews, has a good sense of humour and a fantastic attitude: “It's all about archery, y'know.” 

“When you hear the sound of shooting, you forget everything, all your problems. It's just about hitting 10, hitting 10, hitting 10.”

Korea’s KIM Woojin and LEE Tuk Young beat Japan to recurve mixed team bronze. It was the second loss of the day for Ren HAYAKAWA – the women’s team bronze was the first. 

“I’m not finished yet,” she said. HAYAKAWA – or Ren the 10 – shoots for individual bronze in Antalya as well.

“There are less arrows in the mixed team matches,” she explained of the difference between this competition and the team event. “So one arrow from either person can make all the difference.”

Competition at the third 2014 Archery World Cup stage in Antalya runs from 11-15 June. Check scores, event news and visit World Archery’s Facebook page and @worldarchery on Twitter for coverage.