Korean federation launch online TV channel

13 March 2017
Seoul (KOR)
The channel will broadcast footage of national archery events in Korea.

Korea’s national archery federation launched a brand-new online and on-demand video streaming platform for footage of national archery tournaments in late February 2017 with the goal of increasing the availability of the sport to the country’s wider population.

“In Korea, archery is limited in terms of media exposure compared to other sports like football and baseball and so domestic broadcasting has been restricted to a small number of national archery events,” said a spokesperson for the Korea Archery Association.

“We’ve expanded this online media platform in order to expose archery more to the public and give them an opportunity to interact with archery and our top archers.”

KAATV.kr is free to view and features some of the best archery athletes in the world.

Korea won an historic four gold medals at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the first time in history the feat has been achieved, and individual champion Chang Hye Jin has received renown, even appearing on the cover of the Korean-language version of Vogue magazine.

World Archery’s YouTube channel continues to be the go-to destination for international archery videos.

World Archery also distributes footage of the Hyundai Archery World Cup and world championships via the Olympic Channel and recently signed a four-year agreement with Eurosport to have archery on pan-continental channel through 2020.

The Korea Archery Association is World Archery’s national member federation in the Asian country of Korea.

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