Who wins The Vegas Shoot in 2018? Pros predict

9 February 2018
Las Vegas, NV (USA)
The championship open category has had 38 different winners in its 52-year history.

Two years ago, the Vegas main event had its first Lucky Dog (899 qualifier) winner, and in 2017 the headline championship opened itself to both men and women for the first time.

With $52,000 on the line for the winner in 2018 – plus contingency – this year’s is the biggest championship event yet.

We polled 50 archers with two simple questions; firstly, who they pick to win (and they couldn’t pick themselves) and, secondly, how many of the field they pick to shoot a perfect 900. And there was no consensus.

The most popular combination was Chance Beaubouef to win and 14 perfect shooters – with six picks in total.

Only one archer refused to give a name: “I never bet against myself.” 


All the archers that received more than one vote.

Already a three-time victor in 2003, 2004 and 2007, Chance topped the poll with nine votes. Two-time champs Broadwater and Schloesser came in next.

Schaff, one voter said, “has kinda been on a roll lately”, while another – who initially named the Nimes winner and changed his mind, explaining: “he won in France so he won’t win this”.


The numbers that received five votes or more.

  • 14 – 8 votes
  • 12 – 6 votes
  • 17 – 5 votes
  • 15 – 5 votes

The number of perfect-900 shooters has stuck in the mid-teens for some years, except in 2016 when there was just five and Lucky Dog Sergio Pagni swept in to take the win.

Nobody went that low in 2018, the least of any pick at nine (three times) – but the most was 26, which would be a new high.

The real question is: Who do you think wins Vegas?

The fourth stage and final of the 2017/2018 Indoor Archery World Cup season takes place in Las Vegas, USA on 9-10 February; The Vegas Shoot concludes on 11 February.