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Flash quotes from the ranking round

Comments from the athletes and officials after the ranking round at Lord’s Cricket Ground on Friday. 
Men   Michele FRANGILLI (ITA)   On his perfomance: “The first half was not so good. I had a bad feeling while shooting. Then the second part went better. I was just a little bit nervous after the sixth arrow, but then I was fine again. Marco (GALIAZZO) and I shot the same points. We have the same numbers of 10s and Xs so we will wait for the coin toss to see who will be shooting against whom. To me every opponent will be OK.”   On losing his Olympic record: “As soon as I knew that today it was possible to break the Olympic record, which has been mine for 16 years, I knew someone would have broken it. Of course the new record holder is a Korean, they all are very strong archers.”   On the Italy team ranking: “We ended up sixth and this is a really good position in the ranking list. We will meet the third team and this means that hopefully we will have the chance to meet Korea only in the final, which will mean getting a medal for sure.”   On having his father on the field as coach of Cote d'Ivoire: “I am not bothered. I am happy to have him here, I know he is watching at me and at my arrows sometimes. I could get good advice.”   Marco GALIAZZO (ITA)   On the ranking round: “It could have gone better, it did not go very well. However the team is in a good position, we will see tomorrow what happens.”   On his expectations about the individual eliminations: “If I shoot how I want, it will go well.”     Women   JANG Yung-Sool (KOR) - coach   On CHOI Hyeonju's poor performance: “It was her first Olympics so she was nervous. She will build up her confidence and get stronger. To be in 38th after the halfway stage was not very good. The most important thing is the posture but because of the pressure of the Olympics she made a lot of mistakes. She was thinking about these things and that unsettled her.”   Carina CHRISTIANSEN (DEN) On finishing seventh in the ranking round and breaking the Danish national record of 660: “It is good that I've done so so well, beating my personal record. I struggled with the first shoot but, as the time went by, I found my rhythm.”     Denisse VAN LAMOEN (CHI)   On her performance: “I know I could have done better, but I am not concerned with the results because the ranking doesn't really mean anything regarding the actual outcome of the Games. I am always a slow starter - with anything - but then I make up for that later.”   On her feelings: “I feel calm and prepared. I am well focused.”   On carrying the flag for Chile in the Opening Ceremony tonight: “Now I just feel very happy as I have the honour and privilege of carrying the flag for my country.”   Miki KANIE (JPN)   On her feelings: “I was worried this week, but I'm very happy with the result.”   On her ranking: “I did not think I would get as high an individual ranking as I did, so I'm pleased with that.”   Alison WILLIAMSON (GBR)   On the women's team competition on Sunday: “I'm looking forward to it, but we have got some work to do in tomorrow's practice to get it right for Sunday.”   On her performance on Friday: “I wasn't at my best at a technical level for the first half. I enjoyed the second half although there was a tricky wind. I focused on strong shots which were not affected as much by the wind.”   On what London 2012 means to her: “It's fantastic. I'm really looking forward to having strong home support from the crowd on Sunday. It was our welcome from the 'games makers' at the Olympic Village that really brought home what these Games are going to be like.”   “It really hit home. My parents are both 'games makers'. We are a proper Olympic family.”   Miranda LEEK (USA)   On how it feels to have qualified for the Olympic Games: “It feels amazing. I definitely had my hopes set on being here for a very long time, and to come here and have these dreams realized is amazing. Today I've officially shot arrows for score at the Olympic Games and its a very exciting experience.”   Khatuna LORIG (USA)   On whether the team was looking now for the gold medal: “We all want a gold medal, if not we'll get silver. We'll take bronze. Any medal will be good.”   Jennifer NICHOLS (USA)   On how she and LORIG as more experienced shooters may have helped LEEK to prepare: “Every Olympics is different, and we kind of came in and were able to explore and discover stuff all together for this one. The little bit of experience that Khatuna and I have had we've tried to pass on to Miranda when it comes to competition, but she's a strong shooter. She still holds us up at times when we're not shooting strong. I see her as an equal and [as] a great shooter.”   Pia Carmen LIONETTI (ITA)   On the team ranking:  “We are 10th, we will be against China. They are very good opponents. We have beaten them already before and we are going to do the same on Sunday (laughs).”   On photographers on the field:  “I had to go on the shooting line because I had to shoot and I had to ask them 'Excuse me, may I pass?' and the photographers did not even move. They are intrusive, they do not let you pass. I would have expected a better organisation. a better logistic for the media.”   Natalia VALEEVA (ITA)   On her performance: “I had a very bad end, the third one. I shot a five, then I got angry for that and I shot a three. I was a total blackout in that moment. Then I got focused again and everything went better. I am happy with my result. That was ... it is called a human mistake.”   Ksenia PEROVA (RUS) On her performance: “I was too careful. I wanted to do better but it was just bad luck.”   On being at the London 2012 Olympic Games: “When I was a child I thought the Olympics was wow but it's more wow than I thought.”   On facing Great Britain: “We are sure there will be a lot of noise and it could distract us but we will believe that the noise is for us.”   Source: ONS Edited by World Archery Communication