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Quotes of the men’s 1/8 elimination round

3 August 2012
London (GBR)
Here are the men’s reactions after the 1/8 elimination rounds that were shot this morning at Lord’s Cricket Ground. 

Here are the men’s reactions after the 1/8 elimination rounds that were shot this morning at Lord’s Cricket Ground.   Gael PREVOST (FRA)   On the match: “I think the last arrow, which was a 7, made all the difference. Even though the coach says, 'smooth, relax, you can do it' before every shooting, I still make mistakes because I am a human.”   DAI Xiaoxiang (CHN)   On why he was pleased the match went to a shoot-off: “I had a 50% chance. I was hoping for a shoot-off as that was the only chance I had left. The result doesn't really matter. I just have to do my best, and I did.   On the match: “During the first set, the wind was blowing a little towards the right. The sun kept changing positions so it was difficult. After the first set, I put my sunglasses on and that helped a lot.”   On his next match: “Every opponent is the same. Each player has his ups and downs so we will just have to wait and see. Even the No.1 one in the ranking round, IM (Dong Hyun, KOR), lost his match. Anything can happen.”   Taylor WORTH (AUS)   On his feelings: “I was feeling confident and I shot well. The wind was a little tricky but that happens in match play. I love match play - it's my favourite.  I am happy because this is my first time at the Olympics, this is my first major experience.”   On the shoot-off: “I was feeling good going into that. I do practise in shoot-off conditions and I beat Alan WILLS (GBR) in a shoot-off on Wednesday.”   On the future: “I will meet friends and family back home and rest. Then I'll need to sit down and re-set my goals, but I would like to go for Rio (2016 Olympic Games).”   Viktor RUBAN (UKR)   On his performance: “I won but my shooting was not perfect. After the competition, I will watch the video and analyse what I did and what went wrong.”   On his next opponent (OH Jin Hyek, KOR): “I will face a strong Korean opponent. The beginning of the match will be the most important part.”     OH Jin Hyek (KOR)   On the match: “The game was not easy but when the other player made a mistake there was less pressure. I hope I will do better in the next round.”   On IM Dong Hyun (KOR) being knocked out by Rick VAN DER VEN (NED): “There was a bit of pressure on me because IM lost. I feel sorry for IM.”   Rick VAN DER VEN (NED) On his victory: “That was great. It's the first time I have beaten a Korean archer in senior competition, although I had beaten them in the youth world championships.”   On the conditions: “As a left-hander, the sun was good for me at this time of day (behind my back) but we'll have to see what it's like in the next round."”   IM Dong Hyun (KOR) On his performance: “I am not satisfied but I did my best.”   On his preparation: “I do not think that my body was in the right condition.”   On the pressure on him: “I wasn't too pressured, my mind was pretty clear.”   On his plans for the future: “What's done is done. I am ready for the next Olympics.”   KUO Cheng-Wei (TPE)   On his straight-sets win: “It was not particularly easy. I was just lucky, my opponent didn't shoot very well. I had a good handling on the wind. I try not to think about the final result. I just want to do my best.”   On his next match: “I am not particularly nervous. Every match is the same.”   Markiyan IVASHKO (UKR)   On his defeat: “He just won, I just lost. That's archery. I will now be supporting Viktor (RUBAN).”     Takaharu FURUKAWA (JPN)   On the match: “I didn't get too nervous because I won the first end and, after that, I was calm. I tried not to think about being the only Japanese man left in the competition because that would have made my nerves worse.”   On the rest of the competition: “This is the furthest I have got and it is my third Olympics. I hope I do not have to face any Koreans (IM Dong Hyun, KIM Bubmin, OH Jin Hyek) because they are very strong.”   Larry GODFREY (GBR)   On his emotions: “I'm holding it together at the moment. When it sinks in a bit later today there will be a few tears I expect.”   On his shoot-off loss: “It's archery. I went out there to give it my best and I think I did give it my best. I got beaten by a better archer on the day. You just have to shoot it the way you see it.”   On the narrow margins between victory and defeat: “You only have to be half a degree out and you miss the target. To get that far out is nothing.”   On the atmosphere: “This is my third Olympic Games and this is the best atmosphere I have felt. I've still not got a medal.”   On his performance: “I came here to compete and did so to the best of my ability. I'm happy with the way I shot. I stuck to my plan before today's matches to rest up a bit. When I shot the seven in the first end, I didn't let it faze me.”   On the future: “I'm only 36 and there are still some big events to try to win this year. The future depends on Rolls Royce (his employer).”   Khairul Anuar MOHAMAD (MAS)   On his feelings before the match: “I was nervous but I tried to stay calm and composed and just tried to aim for the 10.”   On whether he expected to win: “No, not really because I knew I was up against the best that Britian has to offer but I came through.”   On if he can improve: “I can shoot better. This is just the morning match and I will try to improve for this afternoon's play.”   Source: ONS Edited by World Archery Communication