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Quotes of after marked distances

16 August 2012
Val d’Isere
Here are the athletes’ reactions after the second day of qualification round in Val d'Isere.

  Recurve Men   Jake KAMINSKI (USA) This is literally the fourth time I’ve ever shot field archery. I’m getting more used to it and to the angles that we don’t have in the regular, flat rounds. I shot better today than yesterday for sure. I’m new at field tournaments; I’m not still extremely good at that. I’ve always been wanting to shoot more field archery since I shot it for the first time three years ago, but there are not so many opportunities in the United States. The National Field Archery Association is putting on a professional recurve division for the first time which will give me the opportunity to shoot more field archery fro now on.   Jean-Charles VALLADONT (FRA) Today the course was more difficult and technical than yesterday. The terrain here in the Val d’Isère Mountains is very tricky, even if we knew the distances today. When I did not qualify in the French team for the Olympic Games, I needed to do something different. So I trained for the field trials. First I was happy I made it in the French team for these championships and I definitely wanted to pass the qualifications cut today. Now that I am in the top 16, let’s see how far I can go.   Recurve Women   Sophie DODEMONT (FRA) Today was a bit more difficult than yesterday: the wind was not easy to deal with. Overall I am happy as I have done the same score as my “new friends” (Marina SZENDEY and Jessica TOMASI). After my silver medal at the World Archery Field Championships in Goteborg 2006, I did not shoot so much field competitions although I always liked it. With these championships in France, I was motivated to be part of the team again and enjoy the atmosphere here.   Compound Men   Jesse BROADWATER (USA) My goal is to at least make a podium. The location in the Alps is beautiful. I was hoping for more up and down stuff and rain, because I practiced those conditions a lot. I’m from Pennsylvania and we don’t have enough steep places to train, so I shot from the roof of my house, or from the trees…! The course wasn’t set up as tough as I expected. The finals location looks nice; it should be a good time.   Compound women   Fiona GUEST (AUS) The view and the course were gorgeous, it’s my first time in the Alps and I’m enjoying so much. It’s not my best performance ever but overall I’m satisfied with my results.   Compound junior women   Daisy CLARK (GBR) I shot a lot better today than I did yesterday, it had nothing to do with marked or unmarked distances, and it was just me. I really enjoyed shooting with the people I was with. The course was interesting and challenging.   Barebow Men   David GARCIA FERNANDEZ (ESP) It was a very nice course with a lot of technical tricks. I came here with the goal of making the finals, but yesterday I shot very well and I feel comfortable, so I was able to take the lead.   Ferruccio BERTI (ITA) Unfortunately the injury I sustained yesterday put an end to my championship. Last week, I shot my last competition, scoring the same total as Giuseppe SEMANDI, but yesterday at the second target I pulled my muscle shoulder muscle. Today I tried to maintain my position but I couldn’t stay in the top 16.   Barebow Women   Eliette LALOUER (FRA) I am not so happy with my shooting although my score was OK. The main satisfaction is that I stayed inside the cut. Tomorrow is another day and we all start back from scratch!   World Archery Communication / Fédération Française de Tir à l’Arc