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Run Archery

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Run Archery 4 September 2012 - Run Archery Dutch Open Championship 2012: Invitation Document 11 June 2012 - Invitation to 2012 Open Russian Run Archery Championship: Invitation Package   Run Archery is a relatively new discipline combining cross-country running and archery, which can be of interest to all archers willing to maintain a good physical shape while practicing archery.
Also athletes involved in the winter discipline of Ski Archery, which has just become a FITA discipline, can find in Run Archery a good complementary summer discipline to their winter practice.
      Photos by Jean-Claude Lapostolle : 1st European Run Archery Cup, Berlin (GER), Sept. 2004               Photo by Willem Trienekens : Run Archery International Event, Visegard (HUN), Sept. 2003