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10 September 2005 - 50th Anniversary for the Compagnie des Archers of Lausanne

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50th Anniversary for the Compagnie des Archers of Lausanne

Lausanne - 10 September 2005


The Compagnie des Archers of Lausanne celebrates this year its 50th Anniversary.


On this occasion the club organized on 10th of September 2005 a demonstration and initiation day on its outdoor field in Lausanne. FITA was represented by its Secretary General as well as by Pascal Colmaire who gave a demonstration in Kyudo.


The goal of this open day event was to have the public discover the various archery disciplines, the various types of bows and ways of shooting. The demonstrations were organized all day long and visitors could try their hand at archery, well supervised by members of the club.


The club of Lausanne was founded in 1955 following an archery exhibition. The club has been organizing a FITA Star tournament each year since 1972 and has got a wonderful shooting quite close by Lake Geneva put at its disposal by the City of Lausanne authorities. The Compagnie des Archers has already organized several FITA and Indoor National Championships, as well as the Outdoor World Championships in 1989.


The Compagnie des Archers of Lausanne is the largest archery club in Switzerland. It has 185 members, many of which have already taken part in major international tournaments.



Compagnie des Archers de Lausanne

Case Postale 5718

1002 Lausanne



President: M. David Meylan

Secretary: Mme Diana Glardon