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FITA Beginner's Manual

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Beginner's Manual   FITA recently released the FITA Beginner's Awards Program. Each of the seven awards of this program is granted to the beginner at the successful conclusion of a triple evaluation: score, skills and knowledge/know-how’s.   To help the beginners prepare their evaluations and their coaches to properly run the threefold evaluation, FITA released a manual: English 2.2 MB French 1.7 MB Flemish 2.9 MB

(see below to download English chapters separately)

For each of the seven levels included in the FITA Beginner's Awards Program, this illustrated manual describes in detail what the beginners should do, demonstrate and know: the minimum required score the archery skills the knowledge and/or know-how’s The Entry Level Coaches will find in the FITA Beginner’s Manual the information to properly evaluate their students, including the specific evaluation form for each level.   In short, this manual is a compilation of the curriculum of the seven levels of the FITA Beginner's Awards Program. This manual is also available in French and a Spanish version is under consideration.   Reminder: The FITA Beginner's Awards are available from the FITA shop at 3 US$ or 2 Euros per piece. Only Archery Clubs, Coaches and National Archery Associations can buy them.   DOWNLOAD the Beginner's Manual BY CHAPTERS Introduction and Overall Presentation (161KB) Introduction to Feathers Awards (156KB) Curriculum for Red Feathers (309KB) Curriculum for Gold Feathers (380KB) Introduction to Arrows Awards (171KB) Curriculum for White Arrows (706KB) Curriculum for Black Arrows (398KB) Curriculum for Blue Arrows (331KB) Curriculum for Red Arrows (342KB) Curriculum for Gold Arrows (517KB)