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Archery World Plan 2007-2011

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  Archery World Plan 2007-2011   The Archery World Plan is a project of change and regeneration for the sport of Archery. The Archery World Plan, called ‘The Connection’, has a vision to make Archery internationally recognised as one of the important Olympic Sports by the year 2012 and ensure that in the future Archery is not in a position to be excluded from the Olympic Programme. This plan has been developed by World Archery but is for the entire Archery family.   Throughout the development of the plan a key concept became apparent – the plan is about connecting - connecting both internally within the organisation as well as to external parties. Archery must first connect internally (World Archery, the Continental Associations and the Member Associations) to ensure that it becomes a stronger partner. Once Archery has become stronger internally it can then reach out to its external partners (IOC, Host Cities, Media, etc.) to build better relations and increase its recognition.   Five key areas have been selected that will ensure that this connection happens. These areas do not cover every aspect of Archery that could be changed, but rather focus on critical goals that are important to achieving the vision which has been set out. These goals are structured into five Targets:   Target 2007: Identity By the end of 2007, a unified and simplified identity for International Archery is accepted by World Archery, Continental Associations and Member Associations.   Target 2008: Events By the end of 2008, all of World Archery's international events have concrete plans to become more attractive for athletes, spectators, partners, and television viewers.   Target 2009: Promotion By the end of 2009, International Archery is consistently promoted and widely recognised by external parties.   Target 2010: Partnerships By the end of 2010, a majority of World Archery's budget is supported by partnerships, other than IOC funding, which help to ensure the future stability and growth of Archery.   Target 2011: Expansion By the end of 2011, World Archery and its Continental and Member Associations have the structure and tools needed to sustain the expansion of International Archery.   Hitting these five Targets will ensure a strong future for the sport of Archery – and most importantly will ensure the realisation of the vision of becoming internationally recognised as one of the important Olympic sports.