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27 June 2011 - 11 new accredited International Judge Candidates

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11 new accredited International Judge Candidates Lausanne – 27 June 2011    After last year's success, the FITA/World Archery and AAF Judges Seminar 2011 was held at the Egypt Hotel, Bangkok from 3-5 June 2011. Very well organised by the Archery Association of Thailand in cooperation with the Asian Archery Federation this seminar was the largest ever held and accredited 11 new International Judge Candidates.   The seminar welcomed more than 80 participants, a combination of National Judges up for a continental test, Continental Judges up for the international test and a number of various sit-ins. Among the audience there were judges from Africa, Europe and Oceania.   The conductor was FITA Judge Committee Chairman Mr Morten WILMANN, who was assisted by FITA Target Archery Committee Member Mr Simon WEE.   These past years the Asian Archery Federation has put a lot of efforts into educating judges for the many high profiled events being held in Asia. World Archery is especially pleased to see an increasing number of women into this part of the archery world.   At the end of the seminar, the Continental Judges authorised by their Member and Continental Associations and interested in applying for the International Judge Candidate Status took an exam. World Archery is proud to welcome the following new judges: Ting-Ni CHEN (TPE), Takeuchi NOBUTOMO (JPN), Eddie Yip SAI KIT (HKG), Tanvir AHMED (BAN), Yu-Hsuan PAN (TPE), Mahnaz ABDOLKARIMI (IRI), Yap Lee CHONG (MAS), David MARTIN (RSA), Mahamudul Hasan KAHN (BAN), Kai THI (MYA) and Zulika ABDULLAH (MAS)   World Archery Communication