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Alejandra USQUIANO wins gold in front of the home crowd

Colombia has a second new star: Alejandra USQUIANO, who defeated Erika JONES for the women’s compound title. On the men’s side, Reo WILDE won his first individual World Cup title of the year. Finally, the mixed team champion is Italy.
Colombia celebrated once again with an outstanding victory by local Medellin archer Alejandra USQUIANO (main photo) over Erika JONES (USA). It was the first individual World Cup medal for the 20-year-old Colombian archer, who contributed to her team’s historic first gold in June in Antalya. She trailed at the start, but capitalised on a 7 by JONES in the second end to take the lead, and never relinquished it for a victory 139-137. JONES adds another silver to the one she won earlier this year in Shanghai. “We will go on working very hard with the hope of staying where we are for a very long time,” declared USQUIANO. “We want to become world champions, it is our dream.”
In the bronze medal match, Sara LOPEZ (COL), double gold medallist in Antalya and new world record holder of the 15-arrow match, had more trouble with the wind. She trailed Pan-American champion Ana MENDOZA (VEN), and just came back on the final three arrows to force a shoot-off. However, an unlucky 7 ended her chances; MENDOZA beat that score to win her first individual World Cup medal!
The compound men’s final featured the Americans Reo WILDE (photo) and Braden GELLENTHIEN, who won the team silver together earlier today. These athletes are currently engaged in a friendly fight for the N°1 spot on the world ranking. WILDE started the year as N°1, but has been placing lower than expected – only third and fifth this year in Shanghai and Antalya. GELLENTHIEN stole the top spot recently thanks to a first place finish at the Shanghai World Cup and a fourth place in Antalya. 
GELLENTHIEN won their last two head-to-head matches: at last year’s World Cup Final, which he won on the final arrow, and this year in the quarter-finals at the Shanghai World Cup. Today, the wind seemingly bothered both athletes. WILDE’s score suffered from an initial 6, but he shot consistently after that, dropping only five points, a real achievement given the windy conditions. Victory 141-136 for WILDE, who wins his first individual World Cup title of the year!
After winning silver in Shanghai and bronze in Antalya, Martin DAMSBO (DEN) faced Ditmar TRILLUS (CAN) for the bronze medal. DAMSBO opened with a 7 which cost him the victory and lost by two points, 140-142.
The wind was a factor in the mixed team final between Denmark and Italy. Martin DAMSBO dropped only four points overall, but Camilla SOEMOD suffered many bad arrows which made it impossible for Denmark to challenge their opponents. Italy’s Marcella TONIOLI and Sergio PAGNI (photo), who are world champions and won the last stage of the World Cup in Antalya, easily added another gold medal here.
Belgium made history in the bronze medal match. As Pan-American champions and winners of the Antalya World Cup in 2010, Mexico’s Linda OCHOA and Julio Ricardo FIERRO were the favourites. However a strong wind gust in the third end, which caused them a 5, compromised their hopes. Michael CAUWE was the top performer of the match, with four 10s and four 9s. CAUWE paired with Sarah PRIEELS, who descends from archery’s most decorated Olympic champion Hubert VAN INNIS, won the match 145-139, giving Belgium its first World Cup medal in the mixed team event. It was also the first ever World Cup medal for both these athletes.
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