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Flash Quotes from the Men's Team Event

Comments from the athletes and coaches after their match loss in the men's team archery event at Lord's Cricket round on Saturday. 
Comments from the athletes and coaches after their match loss in the men's team archery event at Lord's Cricket round on Saturday.   Comments from Luis ALVAREZ (MEX) and Juan Rene SERRANO (MEX) following their 224-219 bronze medal match loss against Korea.   Luis ALVAREZ (MEX)   On their performance:
"We are a team. We came as a team and we will leave as a team. We are not satisfied but we are happy to be here together, as a team. I was so nervous. I cannot explain. I have never ever felt like that before."   Juan Rene SERRANO (MEX)   On the future:
"With patience, our time will come. It's not over for my team. We still have the individuals."   On his 'bad' first arrow, which scored a 5:
"It was a mistake—the clicker was too fast and was out of position."   Comments from Viktor RUBAN (UKR) following Ukraine's 227-220 quarterfinal loss against Korea.   Viktor RUBAN (UKR)   On the result:
"We are very, very disappointed. It was hard to shoot against Korea—they are a very strong team. You could only beat them if they made quite a few mistakes. But to hope that they make mistakes is silly. Korea never makes mistakes. My first three arrows were shot in the red and that made me very upset. I made a mistake with my first shot."   Comments from Takahuru FURUKAWA (JPN), Yu ISHIZU (JPN) and Hideki KIKUCHI (JPN) following their 220-219 quarterfinal loss to the USA.   Takaharu FURUKAWA (JPN)   On his performance as team leader:
"Overall it was good until the first half finished. The team members did great but towards the end I struggled."   Yu ISHIZU (JPN)   On his chances in the individual event:
"I will be a lot more relaxed and calm after experiencing two matches today."   Hideki KIKUCHI (JPN)   On losing by one point to the USA:
"We are very disappointed to lose by such a small margin but we've come here and done what we've done, and we have to accept that."   On his chances in the individual event:
"I'm going to win (laughs)."   Comments from XING Yu (CHN) following China's 220-216 quarterfinal loss against Italy.   XING Yu (CHN)   On the disappointing result:
"I feel OK. I was prepared for it, in a way."   On the team's preparation:
"Before going onto the field of play, we could have prepared better emotionally as a team. I still feel that we are a good team."   On his own performance:
"To get to this point I have improved a lot and I felt my performance was fairly stable."   On the individual round:
"I will now focus on my individual performance."   Comments from Thomas FAUCHERON (FRA), Romain GIROUILLE (FRA), Gael PREVOST (FRA) and coach Marc DELLENBACH (FRA) after France's 220-212 quarterfinal defeat against Mexico.   Thomas FAUCHERON (FRA)   On the conditions on the field:
"The conditions were not the same as the practice field. It was more windy than two days ago when we tried the field but not enough for a score like that."   On the team's performance:
"We had a bad start and we did not improve."   On the fact they were the final team to compete today:
"It doesn't change anything. We were well prepared and we wanted to win the match."   Romain GIROUILLE (FRA)   On the conditions:
"We had some problems with the conditions, especially the wind, and I think that's why I shot a six and seven." "I asked my coach if there was a problem with my technique and he said 'No, it was OK'. It didn't help waiting all day to shoot."   Gael PREVOST (FRA)   On what went wrong:
"The wind was blowing too hard and we couldn't see it. I thought that it would be a close match. The good thing about the match was that the teamwork was good."   On what he learned for the individual round:
"I learned that everything can go wrong."   Marc DELLENBACH (FRA) – coach   On the performance:
"We made a very bad start and we tried to come back into the match, but it is very difficult when you have a six. After that you have to rely on the other team making the mistake."   Source: ONS Edited by World Archery Communication