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Double gold for HUNT and BUSBY

The English athletes Nicky HUNT and Duncan BUSBY won their second gold of the week in the individual compound finals today. They both had won their respective team events on Thursday!
Double gold for HUNT and BUSBY Delhi – 9 October 2010   The English athletes Nicky HUNT and Duncan BUSBY won their second gold of the week in the individual compound finals today. They both had won their respective team events on Thursday!   BUSBY dominated teammate Chris WHITE in the final, while Seppie CILLIERS (RSA) was solid all way through his bronze medal match to beat Shaun TEASDALE (NZL).   HUNT reached a well-deserved consecration this week. She won the team event on Thursday and took the individual gold this morning at the end of a superb final against Doris JONES (CAN). Cassie Mc Call (AUS) earned bronze against teammate Fiona HYDE.   BUSBY wins Gold in all England Archery final Duncan BUSBY (ENG) has continued England's dominance of Compound Archery at the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games, beating compatriot Chris WHITE (ENG) to take the individual compound gold medal at the Yamuna Sports Complex on Saturday.   WHITE (ENG) came into the final full of confidence after dispatching highly-rated Seppie CILLIERS (RSA) in the semifinal, but was unable to stop BUSBY (ENG) in the Gold medal match going down 6-2. After BUSBY (ENG) took the first set 29-28, he shot four consecutive 10's as he tried to take out his teammate in straight sets. However WHITE (ENG) was proving to be a stubborn opponent, and the second and third sets were tied to leave the scores at 4-2. BUSBY then closed out the match swiftly with two 10's, taking home the gold and leaving a valiant WHITE (ENG) with the silver medal.   The result means England have won all four gold medals in the compound category - they won both the men's and women's team events on Thursday.   South African Seppie CILLIERS (RSA) made up for his semifinal disappointment by taking home a bronze medal, defeating Shaun TEASDALE (NZL) 7-3. With the first two sets tied in a nervy encounter, CILLIERS (RSA) proved his quality by surging ahead, winning the third and fifth sets to seal the victory.   England's Hunt confirms status as top archer World No. 1 Nicky HUNT (ENG) claimed her second gold medal of the Delhi Games, taking the women's individual compound event by defeating Doris JONES (CAN) in the final at the Yamuna Sports Complex on Saturday.   After winning the team compound event on Thursday, HUNT (ENG) beat JONES (CAN) 6-4 in a match of the highest quality. Both archers started quickly, scoring a perfect 30 to tie the first set, before JONES broke away to win the second set 29-27 and take a 3-1 lead. But HUNT roared back, scoring six consecutive 10s to take the next two sets and head into the final set with a 5-3 lead. She kept her composure to score 29 to equal JONES's score and win England's third gold in archery at the Games.   In the bronze medal match, Cassie Mc CALL (AUS) triumphed over teammate Fiona HYDE (AUS) 7-3 after she opened up a 4-0 lead after the first two sets. HYDE recovered, winning the fourth set 27-26 to take it to a fifth, before Mc CALL surged ahead, winning the decider 29-27 to take Bronze.   Complete recap of the matches Here is a recap of the matches. The compound individual finals consist of quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. The remaining eight archers of the Compound Men and Women events will compete in the final matches. In individual finals matches, archers shoot alternately up to five sets of three arrows in 20 seconds per arrow. Each set worth two points for a win, one point for a tie. The first archer who reaches 6 sets points win the match. The higher placed archer in the ranking round will decide who shoots first in the first end of each match, and then the archer with the lowest set points score will shoot first in each following end. If the scores tie, the archer who shot first in the first end will shoot first. If the tie persists after the fifth set in finals rounds, a single arrow shoot off will be shot and the athlete with the arrow closest to the centre will win.   Compound Men   Quarterfinal: Seppie CILLIERS (RSA) vs Koos DE WET (RSA) It was a South African dual for the first match of the afternoon session. CILLIERS was seeded No. 1 here, but DE WET came off a 2nd place at the Shanghai World Cup last month. CILLIERS started well with 10-10 and 8 for 28 points, enough to take the first set. Both archers shared the points in the second set, scoring 29. Then Seppie scored another 29 to take an almost decisive lead 5-1. He had a little let down in the fourth set with 26 points, which allowed DE WET to take it and come back at 3-5. Then DE WET scored X10. CILLIERS shot a 9. DE WET scored another X10. CILLIERS scored a 10. DE WET scored a liner 10 who allowed him to win the fifth set and tie the match at 5-5 (despite a last X10 from CILLIERS)! In the shoot-off, one arrow closest to centre, CILLIERS shot a 9. DE WET had a 9! The judge had to look at the target; CILLIERS was the closest by half a centimetre!   Quarterfinal: Chris WHITE (ENG) vs Tapani KALMARU (WAL) KALMARU started the second quarterfinal with a 10. Quickly responded with another 10 from WHITE. The Welch continued with two 9s, while the English had a liner 10 and a liner 9 to take the first set with a bit of luck. KALMARU did not get discouraged and scored 10-10-9, while WHITE made a mistake with his first arrow, 7-9-9. “Tap” continued with a strong 10-10-9, but despite some slight wind in the venue Chris was perfect with 10-10-10 and led the match 4-2. KALMARU fought well with 9-9-9 (close to the 10 line), but WHITE was unstoppable with 9-10-10. Victory 6-2.   Quarterfinal: J. F. GROBLER (NAM) vs Shaun TEASDALE (NZL) TEASDALE, recent winner at the Shanghai World Cup, had a slightly better start, 28-27 to take the first set. GROBLER, from Namibia, did another 27 in the second set, but TEASDALE raised it another notch with 29 points, 4-0 lead. GROBLER has made a strong performance to come all the way to the quarterfinals, but TEASDALE was too good for the occasion. The New Zealander won the third set 27-26 and a place in the semifinal.   Quarterfinal: Robert TIMMS (AUS) vs Duncan BUSBY (ENG) This last quarterfinal of the afternoon promised to be tight. Both archers started with 28 points to share the first set, and 29 points to split the second set. They again both scored 29 points in the third set! Only BUSBY managed to bring it to perfection in the fourth set, which he took 30-29! This match between the No. 16 in the world TIMMS and the No. 34 BUSBY was truly a world class affair. The English led 5-3, before going to the last set. TIMMS made one mistake in the fifth with one 8 (accompanied by two more 10s). BUSBY was one again perfect, 30, to win the match 7-3. BUSBY scored twelve 10s, two 9s and one 8 in the match! What a world class level!   Semifinal: Seppie CILLIERS (RSA) vs Chris WHITE (ENG) CILLIERS did not give any room to the big white in the first two sets. Seppie scored five 10s and one 9, while Chris had five 9s and one 10. CILLIERS led 4-0. He opened the door a little bit in the third set with 10-9-9, and WHITE got into it with 10-9-10, closing the gap at 2-4. The English caught a liner 10 that proved to be the difference in the fourth set: for 10-10-9 for WHITE, 9-9-10 for CILLIERS. Match was tied at 4-4! CILLIERS let it go in the fifth with 9-9-9, while WHITE scored 9-10-10 to complete a comeback victory 6-4!   Semifinal: Shaun TEASDALE (NZL) vs Duncan BUSBY (ENG) BUSBY took on the No. 6 in the world TEASDALE in this semifinal. The English kept shooting very well with 10-9-10, while the New Zealander had 9-10-9. BUSBY 2-0. He continued strong in the second set with 10-9-10, while TEASDALE made a little mistake (at this level) with 10-10-8. BUSBY 4-0. It was nevertheless his turn to commit a little mistake when he shot an 8. In the meantime, TEASDALE had a perfect 30 to close the gap at 2-4. He could not quite keep it this way in the fourth with 10-9-9. BUSBY had 10-10-9 to secure another English man’s place, his, in the final. BUSBY 6-2.   Bronze Final: Seppie CILLIERS (RSA) vs Shaun TEASDALE (NZL) TEASDALE is No. 6 in the world. CILLIERS is No. 18 in the world but he is seeded No 1 in this tournament because he won the qualifications. Both archers were close to perfection in the first set with 29 points each. Same story in the second set. CILLIERSgot slightly the upper hand in the third set with 9-10-10, while TEASDALE had 10-9-9. CILLIERS led 4-2 and had to score a 10 at the end of the fourth set (29-29) to bring his lead at 5-3. TEASDALE could not put enough pressure on the fifth set with 10-9-9. CILLIERS scored 10-10-9 (his fifth 29-point set of the match!) to win it, 7-3. Second bronze medal of the week for CILLIERS!   Golf Final: Chris WHITE (ENG) vs Duncan BUSBY (ENG) An all-English affair in the compound men’s individual gold final! BUSBY was the No. 2 seed, while WHITE has had a great run with his matches from the No. 12 qualification rank. Both have won the team final two days ago. WHITE started with 10-9-9, while BUSBY scored 9-10-10 to take a 2-0 lead. Then both had 29 points. Score was 3-1. Then WHITE scored 9-9-10 and BUSBY 10-10 and... 8! Tied set, 4-2. WHITE finished with 9-10-9, while BUSBY shot 9-10 and... 10 to clinch the match! BUSBY won 6-2 and his second gold medal of the week!   Compound Women   Quarterfinal: Doris JONES (CAN) vs Janette HOWELLS (WAL) The No.1 seed Doris JONES was simply too good in this match. She scored sets of 29, 28, 28. The twin Jan HOWELLS scored 28, 26, 26. Final score 6 sets points to 0 for JONES.   Quarterfinal: Tracey MCGOWAN (SCO) vs Cassie Mc CALL (AUS) MCGOWAN and Mc CALL offered a very good match to the early crowd on Saturday morning. The Scottish athlete took the first set, while the Australian came back in the second set. Both archers tied the third set at 29 points and a 9 “just on the line” allowed MCGOWAN to stay in the fourth set, 28 points for each archer. Both archers scored 19 points with their two first arrows in the fifth set, MCGOWAN catching another liner 9. However the last 10 of Mc CALL proved to be too much for the Scot who scored another 9. The Aussie won the fifth set and the match 6-4.   Quarterfinal: Danielle BROWN (ENG) vs Fiona HYDE (AUS) HYDE is the No. 6 seed in the competition, but BROWN won the team title two days ago. HYDE took an advantage with her first two arrows but then finished the third set with an 8. That allowed BROWN to tie the first set at 27-27. Both archers dropped too many point in the second set, but HYDE was better (26-25) and led the match 3 set points to 1. BROWN is in fact a para-archer suffering from a condition known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy [RSD] which causes immense pain in her feet, and competes using a purpose-built stool. She nevertheless won the gold medal at the Paralympic Games in Beijing and proved this week she can compete with the best in the world. She won the third set 28-25 to tie the match at 3 set points to 3. Both archers turned on the heat in the fourth set with HYDE scoring a perfect 30, while BROWN shot two 10s but finished with an 8. HYDE regained the lead 5-3 in the match. BROWN kept her chance alive in the fifth set, scoring 29 points, while HYDE had 27. Match tied at 5-5; a shoot-off of one arrow closest to centre need to be shot. HYDE scored a 9; BROWN scored an 8. Australia placed a second archer in the semifinal!   Quarterfinal: F. N. MAT SALLEH (MAS) vs Nicky HUNT (GBR) HUNT is the No. 1 in the world and No. 2 seed at this competition. However, MAT SALLEH is an archer to be reckoned with. She placed 8th at the recent Shanghai World Cup and won the Asian Grand Prix in Kuala Lumpur 2009. Both archers started well but HUNT was closer to perfection with 29, while MAT SALLEH had 28. A six for the Malaysian proved to be costly although she scored two other 10s. HUNT scored 28 and led the match 4-0. MAT SALLEH scored 29 in the third set to keep her chances alive but still trailed 2-4. The Malaysian could not catch a liner 9 in the fourth set by a millimetre and lost it 27-28. It was then a victory for HUNT, 6-2!   Semifinal: Doris JONES (CAN) vs Cassie Mc CALL (AUS) The athletes tied the first set 27-27. However JONES’ capability to score more 10s showed in the second set, which we won with 10-8-10 (28-25). Mc CALL who has made great progress in the last two years, won the third set 29-27. Match was tied at 3-3. Then JONES scored 10-9-10, while Mc CALL scored 9-8-8. The Canadian was in the lead again, 5-3. The Australian could not be consistent enough and JONES cruised to victory in the fifth set, scoring 10-10-9 and winning the match 7-3.   Semifinal: Fiona HYDE (AUS) vs Nicky HUNT (GBR) HUNT did not leave the yellow in her quarterfinal and started the semifinal on the same fashion with 10-10-10!!! She led 2-0. HYDE responded with 10-9-9 in the second set, but HUNT kept being better with 10-10-9 and took a 4-0 lead. HYDE kept fighting and got the upper hand in the third set (10-10-9 vs 9-9-9) cut the deficit at 2-4. The No. 19 in the world HYDE gave it all in the fourth set with 9-9-9, but the No. 1 in the world HUNT was unstoppable with another 10-10-10. Victory 6-2!   Bronze Final: Cassie Mc CALL (AUS) vs Fiona HYDE (AUS) The No. 19 in the world Hyde had to battle for bronze with teammate and No. 32 in the world Mc CALL. To prove that she is truly an upraising archer, Cassie took the first two sets 28-26 over Fiona and led 4-0. HYDE fought back with 29 in the third set, but that was equalled by Mc CALL. The latter still led the game 5-1 and just needed one more set point to clinch bronze. Fiona still believed in her chance and scored 27 points in her fourth. Enough to take the set and cut the deficit at 3-5. In the fifth, HYDE shot a 10. Mc Call scored a 10. HYDE had an 8. Mc CALL hit the centre again! HYDE finished with a 9. Mc CALL ended the match with a 9 to win this great Aussie dual and the bronze medal, 7-3!   Gold Final: Doris JONES (CAN) vs Nicky HUNT (GBR) HUNT is the No. 1 in the world. JONES is a great upcoming archer who won the junior world championships at Merida 2006. HUNT has three individual podiums at World Cup level this year. JONES ranked 2nd at the Ogden World Cup. HUNT earned the team gold on Thursday. JONES got silver. HUNT is the No. 2 seed of the individual competition. JONES won the qualifications last Monday and therefore is the No. 1 seed.   Both archers started the match with a perfect 30, despite some wind today coming from left to right, going North-East with around a 45 degrees angle! JONES continued with another 10. HUNT as well! JONES hit another 10! HUNT was the first one to crack with an 8. Both archers concluded with a 9. JONES led 3 set points to 1.   Both archers scored two more 10s to start the third set. HUNT had then a long released, but managed to shoot the bull’s eye. JONES scored a 9. HUNT tied the match at 3-3.   In the fourth set, the Canadian shot 10-9-9, while the English kept it perfect with 10-10-10 and took the lead 5-3.   JONES scored 9-10-10 in the fifth set, while HUNT started with 10-9 letting her with a 10 to shoot to tie the set and win the match. Anything less meant that JONES would have taken the set and the archers would gave gone to a shoot-off of one arrow closest to centre, where anything can happen. HUNT was in similar (actually easier) position during the recent quarterfinals of the World Cup Final in Edinburgh. That time she blew it of and lost a close shoot-off. This time, she raised bow, aimed calmly and hit the bull’s eye!!!! Victory 6-4 and second gold medal of the week for HUNT!   Didier MIEVILLE / Commonwealth Games GNS World Archery Communication