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14 July 2006 - New FITA Development and Coaching Coordinator: Mrs. Mayrilian CRUZ BLANCO

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New FITA Development and Coaching Coordinator: Mrs. Mayrilian CRUZ BLANCO   FITA is pleased to announce that Mrs. Mayrilian Cruz Blanco has joined the Office staff as Development and Coaching Coordinator.   As you will read below, Mayrilian, called Mayi, as a lot of qualities which should give a boost to archery development. Furthermore, she is highly motivated to work in the sport sector, especially in archery since she was an archer in her country, Cuba.   Her main achievements in our sport:   ·        Archery Team, City of Pinar del Rio. Competitive level for over 8 years; National and International (Indoor "Dianas Doradas") competitions in Cuba, team and individual events ·        Obtained 2 silver medals in both under 16 ( 1993) and in First Category (1993) ·        Individual bronze medallist (National Championship Camaguey 1994) ·        Training Assistant for the Archery Team of Pinar del Río   Mayi’s education includes the following:   ·        Sept 2004-July 2005: FIFA Master: CIES (MA) International Master in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport ·        Sept 2001-Aug 2004: Doctorate in Sport Science and Physical Education ·        Sept 2001–July 2002: Sport Management Course ·        Jan 2001: International Course of the Olympic Academy ·        Sept 1994-Aug 2000: Degree in Sport Science and Physical Education.   Her employment history is made of several very interesting experiences:   ·        International Olympic Committee, Olympic Solidarity, Athlete’s Section (Lausanne, Switzerland) o       Project involving analysis of past Olympic Scholarship Programmes in order to provide a prognosis for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Scholarship Programme (including budget analysis and distribution) o       Training Centre Network negotiation, involving negotiations with various NOCs and Continental NOC Associations in order to establish High Level Training Centres for the Olympic Scholarship Programme o       Dealing with Americas and Europe for the Olympic Scholarship Programme for Beijing 2008 ·        National Institute of Sport Science and Physical Education (Havana, Cuba) (Faculty of Pinar del Rio) o       Professor of Sport Management and History: §        Lecturer in Sport Management/Strategy/Sport Event Organisation/Management Systems/ International Sport Movement/Sports History §        Academic tutor for dissertations o       Scientific Committee Affiliate of Sport Management and History Department o       Member of the Events Organisation Committee ·        National Vice-Presidency of Teaching, Science, Technology and Environment of the National Institute of Sport, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER), (Havana, Cuba) o       Internship o       Event Management: §        Logistic Planning §        Event Coordination o       Post Event Debriefs and Report Writing o       PhD Design and Development o       Professional Training in the Management Environment.   ·        Social Service at the “República Oriental de Uruguay School”, Las Terrazas (Pinar del Rio, Cuba) o       Physical Education Teacher o       Volleyball Coach   Mayi can speak Spanish (mother tongue), English (fluent), French (intermediate), and Italian (intermediate).   Let’s welcome Mayi and wish her best our wishes among the FITA family. FITA Communication