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FITA launches it new Online Registration System

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PRESS RELEASE   Lausanne (SUI) – 2 March 2007   FITA launches it new Online Registration System     FITA’s sponsor METEKSAN Events has developed a new, modern and functional ONLINE REGISTRATION SYSTEM that offers our Member Associations (MAs) the possibility to register their archers online (in preliminary and final registration phases). It is also a very useful tool for the Organizing Committees (OC) in order to follow and use the latest data for their proper event planning. In addition, FITA will be able to monitor the entire process and assist both users in any needs they might have.   This FITA Online Registration System (FORS) is an excellent tool to provide better services to FITA’s MAs and our Events Organizers, and in addition is collecting all the necessary data for our Archery communication plan in order to promote Archery, our Events and specially our Stars.   The FITA Secretary General: “This system is showing that FITA is working with its sponsors and partners to modernize our sport and structures, and offering better and more efficient services to our MAs. I am delighted to see that FITA is ready to manage the events participant’s entries with such a system and we thank Meteksan events services for this new tool. It also allows FITA and the OC to monitor closely the process of the entries. This combined with the new system to reward for early entries and fine for late entries should make the whole system easier.”   This FORS is built on the same platform as the Online Calendar and it is fully integrated in all the FITA databases and Website.   A FORS Users Manualis available for those users that will need to use it soon for registering their archers to the Outdoor World Championship in Leipzig or to the 4th stage of the Meteksan Archery World Cup in Dover. These will be the two events that will start using this new online system. MAs can register and change any data within the deadline, allowing them to give sooner the data but at the same time change the archers before the indicated deadline for each event. There is no need anymore to fill in forms, fax or email them. Everything can now be done online: registration and changes can be done directly by our MAs, and the OC will then receive an email confirming these changes.     For any questions, feed back, comments or issues related to the FORS, please feel free to contact the FITA Event Director Juan Carlos Holgado (   FITA Communication