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FITA Para-Archery Committee Meets for the First Time

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FITA Para-Archery Committee Meets for the First Time Lausanne - 26 January 2010     Following the decision of Congress in 2009 to include Para-Archery as a full part of the FITA family, a new committee was elected.   Shown here are committee members Rita VAN DRIEL (chairperson), Pauline BETTERIDGE, Carole HICKS and Marco CARPIGNANO in the front row and Hans-Peter WERLEN in the back row beside the FITA Secretary General Tom DIELEN. The FITA Events Director Juan Carlos HOLGADO was also at the first part of the meeting to discuss matters related to para tournaments.

The 2-day meeting held at the FITA office in Lausanne on 15/16 January covered a wide range of topics. Of major importance were the discussions around communications with Member Associations so they know what is happening in this area of Para Archery, which will be new to many of them. It was agreed there would be regular news from the Para Committee in each World Archery Newsletter, as well as special items highlighted on the FITA website as they arise.

One of the important issues discussed was the international shooting calendar for Para tournaments. There will be a total of 3 World Ranking Tournaments per continent per year. The process to be followed to gain World Ranking status for para tournaments is the same as that for general tournaments. The national archery association of th e country must apply to its Continental Association, which approves or not and then sends the application to FITA regardless of its decision. FITA will then approve or not and the tournament will be listed on the FITA Calendar as a World Ranking Tournament or simply an international tournament. The Para-Archery International Tournament Calendar can be downloaded here . Please check the FITA Calendar highlights for updates.

There is a change to the way archers can qualify for the Paralympic 2012 in London. The new system includes a qualifying tournament. There will be more about qualifying for London in the next News from the Para Committee.

The contact details for the members of the Para Archery Committee are in the “Committees” directory of the FITA website, so please send any questions or comments to the Committee.       Carole HICKS FITA Para-Archery Committee Member Edited by FITA Communication