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16 June 2010 - World Archery Plan Update - June 2010

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World Archery Plan Update - June 2010 Lausanne – 16 June 2010   The World Archery Plan Steering Group met on 9 June 2010, during the Antalya stage of the Archery World Cup. Some of the results of the World Archery plan were clearly visible at this World Cup, including the integration of the new World Archery brand, as well as the changes to the compound competition. These visible results provided much inspiration to the Steering Group as they reflected on the accomplishments of the Plan over the last three years.   The focus of the Steering Group meeting was to ensure that things were moving forward with the new Targets of Promotion and Partnership. However, it was also a chance to reflect on the accomplishments of the Identity and Events Targets and to take stalk on whether the plan was ‘on target’ to reach its overall vision. Is Archery making a breakthrough?   In the case of identity, it was agreed that there was still some work to be done in terms of integrating the new brand across all of World Archery—including its full integration in the administration and the integration across Continental and Member Associations.   As the new compound competition was still being tested in the fields of the World Cup, it was clear to the Steering Group that more had to be done to ensure that the differentiation of compound and recurve was fully completed with the purpose of developing both disciplines in the future.   As work still continues in making sure that the targets of Identity and Events are fully reached, focus has also continued on the new targets. Here focus shifts to strengthening the external promotion of the World Archery brand to the public, media and partners. The core philosophy of Target 2009/2010: Promotion and Target and 2010/2011: Partnerships is to integrate a mentality of promotion into everything that happens in World Archery. Working groups have been focusing on Target 2009/10 since April of this year and the new working groups for Target 2010/11 will start over the summer.   The output and ideas from these groups will be consolidated into concrete recommendations for Council that will be presented in November 2010.   With only two years of the plan left, it is essential that the Steering Group stays focused on reaching its vision, so that by 2012 Archery is truly recognised as a strong Olympic sport.   World Archery Communication