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World Archery Field Championships 2010 Visegrad - Programme

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  World Archery Field Championships Visegrad (HUN) - 13-18 July 2010   Programme   Detailed Competition Schedule V 2.0 / 7 July 2010     Sunday/Monday 11-12 July Arrival of Participants Tuesday
13 July Official Practice & Equipment Inspection
Team Captains' Meeting Opening Ceremony Wednesday 14 July Qualification 1 - Marked and Unmarked Distances Thursday
15 July Qualification 2 - Marked and Unmarked Distances Friday
16 July Individual - Eliminations, Quarterfinals and Semifinals Saturday
17 July Teams - Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Medal Matches Medal Ceremony Sunday
18 July Individual - Medal Matches Medal Ceremony Closing Ceremony Monday
19 July Departure of Teams   NOTE: This programme could slightly change according to number of participants and TV requirements. All changes to the programme will be published and all participants informed in due time.